Code of Conduct

As full members of the Labour Party, all members of Northern England Labour Left pledge to act within the spirit and rules of the Labour Party in their conduct both on and offline, with members and non-members and pledge also to stand against all forms of abuse. 

They commit to the principle that every person is entitled to feel safe from harm and prejudice.

NELL expects all its members to apply the Labour Party Codes of Conduct in all their activities within and on behalf of NELL.

NELL will not tolerate Bullying and Harassment which includes as examples:

  • spreading malicious rumours
  • unfair treatment
  • picking on or regularly undermining someone

It can happen:

  • face-to-face
  • by letter
  • by email
  • by phone
  • on social media

Members of NELL are required to abide by the NELL Constitution and therefore should not:

  • Hold or express opinions that conflict fundamentally with the Aims, Values and Political Priorities of NELL
  • Oppose any candidate selected or endorsed by NELL for local, regional and national elections
  • Engage in conduct that is disruptive of the work of NELL
  • Behave in such a way as to bring NELL into disrepute
  • Discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital status or age

They should:

  • Comply with the relevant data protection legislation and the NELL Data Protection and Privacy Policy
  • Inform NELL Membership Secretary if expelled by the Labour Party
  • Not compromise the security of NELL or the personal security of any signatory, supporter, or affiliate of NELL e.g. unauthorised disclosure of a document, or of a meeting password or location, or unauthorised disclosure of the address/e-mail/phone number of a NELL signatory, supporter or affiliate