Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


Our aim is to organise and develop the Labour Left in Northern England to enable the election to positions of influence at all levels within the Labour Party, trade unions, socialist societies and public office of left candidates who support our Values and Political Priorities.

To this end NELL will operate on a not for profit basis through a democratic One Member One Vote membership structure.

It will:

  1. Encourage affiliations by other Labour Left Groups from across the North East and North Cumbria to a regional Labour Left organisation.
  2. Maintain the principle of subsidiarity. Local and regional group decisions made by local and regional group members.
  3. Create a stronger collective voice for Northern England in the Party and other organisations sharing the same political objectives.
  4. Facilitate organisation and communication within the region across:
    • CLP area groups
    • Unions
    • Socialist Societies
    • Diversity Groups including Women’s, BAME, LGBT, Disabled and Youth Groups
    • Regional structures
  5. Mobilise to support local election campaigns both physically and via social media, collaborating with NELL affiliated groups.
  6. Share skills, experience and resources to deliver programmes for Political Education and Future Candidate Development.
  7. Develop a constitution and rules for governance that can be amended through the OMOV democratic process at the Annual General Meeting.