Political Priorities

  • Trade Union recognition in all workplaces and the repeal of anti-Trade Union legislation
  • To actively campaign for the Green New Deal in the fight against climate change nationally and internationally
  • Public ownership and investment in our UK transport, energy, communications infrastructure and water systems and especially in the NHS & Social Care
  • Reform of Labour Party complaints and disciplinary procedures so that they are fit for purpose. Full implementation of the Chakrabarti report and an effective means of addressing complaints related to abuse of procedures and rules
  • Oppose austerity and cuts to council spending and eliminate poverty, zero hour contracts and bogus self-employment
  • Oppose all forms of racism including antisemitism, all other forms of discrimination and the growth of the far right
  • Ethical international policies based on justice and peace which by definition includes the right to self determination for the Palestinian people
  • Democratisation of Labour Party electoral processes including Open Selection of MPs, Elected Mayors, Councillors, NEC and elected Party Officers, as well as commitment to fully transparent and accountable governance procedures
  • Support the adoption and implementation of Socialist policies by building on and developing the ideas underlying the 2017 and 2019 Labour Party General Election Manifestos