Labour Internal Elections Alert

August 3, 2022

After a week’s delay, during which the Party completed a further round of expulsions, we now expect ballot emails to land from Wednesday 3rd. There are a number of elections, details below, for which NELL members agreed left slates at General Meetings. Please do cast your votes on time to keep the left flag flying in the face of continuing hostility on all fronts toward Party members and trade unions.

National Executive Committee (NEC) – CLP Section

This is by Single Transferable Vote which eliminates candidates over a series of rounds. Voting is done in preferential order, one to nine. To give our slate the best chance of progressing to the next round, CLPD have devised a plan where each region votes in a different order. In our region please vote as follows:

  1. Yasmine Dar
  2. Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi
  3. Mish Rahman
  4. Jess Barnard
  5. Gemma Bolton

If you wish to add other left candidates for preferences 6 to 9 please feel free to do so. 

National Policy Forum (NPF) – CLP Section

The North Region left slate was organised by NELL. Please vote for the following:

  • Rochelle Charlton-Laine
  • Paul Daly
  • Michelle Fox
  • Denise Robson
  • Andrew Hedges (Youth)

National Executive Committee (NEC) – Other Sections

NELL did not agree the following but they are recommended by CLPD:

  • Youth, Lara McNeill
  • Disabled, Ellen Morrison
  • BAME, Ankunda Matsiko
  • Local Government, Matt White and Aneesa Akbar

Please pay close attention to your email inbox and cast your votes asap. If you have not received an email ballot by the 5th please check junk mail. Keep an eye on NELL social media for further updates and Thank you.