Hannah Cousins for North Representative on Young Labour National Committee

May 27, 2022

Hi! My name is Hannah and I live in Carlisle, Cumbria. I’m running to be the Northern Representative on the National Young Labour Committee to fight for a transformational Labour government that will enact an irreversible shift in wealth and power to working people. I would love the support of your CLP to do just this!

Although the North has strong Labour roots, there are huge gaps in youth presence across the region. Young people join the Labour Party to discuss and debate the issues that matter most to them but are all too often put off by hostility and bureaucracy. If elected, I will ensure Young Labour North drives change across the region. Young members will work together to encourage youth engagement in all our CLPs and create a network that boldly challenges ineffective politics. 

I would create a programme of political education targeted towards young councillors and candidates to empower them during their time in local government. Young Labour North would engage with councillors that are currently championing socialism in their communities and help create policy platforms for our young members to stand on.

The Labour Party is nothing if it is not the political arm of the Trade Union movement. If elected, I would put trade union solidarity at the heart of everything we do. Young Labour North would strengthen connections with Northern TUCs and host guest speakers from the frontlines of industrial action as part of our fight for working class liberation.

If you have any questions, then please email me at hannahcousins96@outlook.com

Nominate me via the Labour Party Democracy Portal using the details below:

Name: Hannah Cousins

Membership Number: L1424316