Keir Starmer commitment to review Corbyn whip suspension

February 14, 2021

Sharing here a polite letter to the Party Leader which you might adapt to your own circumstances:

Dear Keir,

It has been a tough year and I don’t envy you the job of steering the Labour Party through it.

It has been three months since you committed to reviewing the decision to suspend the whip from Jeremy Corbyn and so I am writing to urge you to allow Corbyn to sit on the Labour benches once again.

I joined the party in 2015, inspired to become politically active by the feeling of hope and renewal that Jeremy brought to the leadership. I had no idea that 300,000 odd people were feeling the same as me when I joined. My first branch meeting was fairly hostile to new members, but I persevered and met some very inspiring, kind people with the same interest in building a more fair and equal society.

It is so sad to see this hope and energy slowly drain from the party. I think the reinstatement of Corbyn would go a long way to stemming the flow.

Yours sincerely,