For a Labour NEC that Supports Labour Values 

August 3, 2022

The Labour leadership is abandoning socialist Labour values

Millions are suffering from the Tories’ attacks on people’s living standards. Those who are fighting back deserve the Labour Party’s wholehearted support.

Solidarity proscribed

Sadly, instead of the party standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the trade unions struggling to defend their members, Labour MPs have been told not to show solidarity. Tory MPs are pushing for job losses, real pay cuts, and draconian restrictions on industrial action. In response the Labour leadership expects our Labour MPs to stand aside and not oppose these Tory attacks.

Public ownership rejected

The Labour leadership is retreating from the party’s commitments to bring water and energy back into public ownership. Re-nationalisation would of course improve these services, reduce people’s bills, and be a popular policy with voters. Key figures on Labour’s front bench are even now pushing for the party to abandon its commitment to rail re-nationalisation.

The NEC should be promoting labour values

The NEC should be standing up for the rights of workers and taking the side of the unions in this cost of living crisis. It should be insisting the party is actively campaigning for popular policies, like public ownership, to help build up Labour’s support.

The Labour Party should respect its members

The Forde Report disclosed some disturbing events in the Labour Party organisation. The NEC must ensure the party addresses the anti-Black racism and Islamophobic behaviour the report revealed. This in addition to tackling all other forms of racism, bigotry, and oppression. It must also hold to account all those who took part in the disgraceful ballot rigging and misuse of party funds uncovered by Forde and push to ensure that staff understand and carry out their role to ensure fair selection procedures and to promote all democratically selected candidates, not just their favoured ones.

As the ballot for Labour’s NEC election approaches, the undersigned Labour left groups urge party members to use their vote to fight for labour values.

In solidarity:

Campaign for Labour Party Democracy

Campaign for Socialism

Jewish Voice for Labour

Kashmiris for Labour

Labour Assembly Against Austerity

Labour Black Socialists

Labour Briefing (Co-op)

Labour CND

Labour Representation Committee

Labour Women Leading


Northern England Labour Left

Welsh Labour Grassroots