Labour left rallies to reclaim Party as democratic force for socialist transformation

August 24, 2021

Today we are publishing a statement, signed by 16 labour movement organisations, calling on the Labour Party leadership to abandon its destructive attacks on left-wing members, and proscriptions targeting left-wing groups, and focus instead on mobilising in opposition to the reactionary policies of the current Tory government.

Many weeks of talks between the groups, including the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) and Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU), Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD), Welsh Labour Grassroots (WLG), Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), Labour Black Socialists (LBS) and the Labour Representation Committee (LRC), have resulted in a joint statement of common goals and an event on September 18, the Saturday before Labour’s Brighton conference.

More left unions and organisations are expected to sign up once they have consulted through their constitutional structures. Signatories demonstrate their support for the principles in the statement, not each other’s organisations.

“Unions that founded the Labour Party, and ordinary members who are its backbone, no longer feel themselves to be represented by the organisation. More than 100,000 have left since Keir Starmer became leader and the party’s finances are in crisis,” said Ben Selby, FBU Vice President and Chair of Don’t Leave, Organise which initiated the talks.

”By organising this initial gathering – which will be the first of many – we proclaim our determination to build a movement which can reclaim our party as a democratic force for socialist transformation, offering real hope for working people from all their diverse communities devastated by the pandemic and fearful of its aftermath.”



The people need and deserve an Opposition worthy of the name.  Below are just some of the pernicious government actions that Labour needs to organise around and lead opposition to the Tories:

  • Britain has had one of the highest per-capita COVID death tolls in the world – plus many now suffering from long-term health problems
  • The impact of the pandemic has not affected communities equally: disabled people, women, people from African, Caribbean, Asian and other racially marginalised communities, those on low incomes, older people and frontline workers have been hardest hit
  • Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost, enabled by draconian anti-trade union laws, and thousands more will be lost when furlough ends
  • The NHS is being privatised at speed, vast sums of public money have been squandered and corruption is rife in the allocation of contracts
  • The Tories are using the worst ‘divide and rule’ tactics, whipping up racism and promoting ‘culture wars’ to divert attention from their disastrous handling of the pandemic
  • Climate change poses a growing and existential threat and the Tory response is pathetic
  • Our rights to protest are being severely curtailed
  • Undercover police are being permitted to commit crimes, including murder
  • British military forces can now commit war crimes and not face prosecution.

These are just some of the many reactionary policies of the current Tory government.

Unfortunately, on almost all of these issues, Labour has not effectively opposed the Tories; on many of the issues, Labour has rather echoed the Tories’ approach, as in its racist treatment of Black members and with Islamophobic and anti-Traveller positions put forward in election campaigns and much more.

This has enabled most of these policies to be adopted with ease, thereby encouraging the Tories to go further to the right, deepening their reactionary offensive confident in the knowledge they will face no serious opposition.

A consequence of Labour’s failure to stand up against the Tory government has been the party’s steady decline in the polls since last summer, overwhelmingly poor local election results and huge loss of votes in three by-elections.

Meanwhile, the democracy of our own party is under threat. A growing number of local parties have been taken over by unelected officials; the Forde inquiry report has not been published; many members who have spoken out have been suspended or expelled; proscriptions have been introduced against socialist groups; Jeremy Corbyn remains without the Labour whip. As a result, over one hundred thousand members have resigned from the party over the last year.

We will not stand idly by and allow this to continue. We are, therefore, coming together in solidarity not only with the people who are being so gravely disadvantaged by this government but against the purge of the left, which is key for the Leadership to achieve its aim of reversing the socialist policies brought in under Corbyn and to make the Party a safe place for capitalism. We stand firmly against proscriptions, and stand in solidarity with every grouping that is proscribed solely for holding socialist views. We will always oppose the proscription of any groups that remain committed to supporting Labour and that do not stand or support other candidates.

As part of the ongoing fightback, a conference has been called for Labour members and activists to discuss the changes in the party that are urgently necessary and how to achieve them. The conference will be led by party members active at local and national level and by key trade unions, and organised around specific demands:

  • Restoring and strengthening democracy throughout the whole of our Party
  • Ending the wave of suspensions, lifting those already unjustly imposed, reversing bans and proscriptions against the left
  • Committing Labour to repeal all anti-union laws, ending zero-hours contracts and “fire and rehire”, demanding fair statutory sick pay
  • Ensuring that the Labour Party is actively anti-racist and supportive of international solidarity issues
  • Ensuring that the Labour Party is demonstrably committed to equalities in its practice
  • Ensuring that Labour becomes a place for open and respectful political discussion and learning.
  • Building on, with no retreat from, socialist policies, for example as developed after 2015.

Labour must oppose the Tories and once again make the case for a socialist transformation of society. We must fight and organise to get our party back.


Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU)

Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD)

Campaign for Socialism (CfS), Scotland

Fire Brigades Union (FBU)

Grassroots Black Left (GBL)

Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL)

Labour Representation Committee (LRC)

Labour Black Socialists (LBS)

Labour Left Alliance (LLA)

Labour Women Leading (LWL)


Northern England Labour Left (NELL)

Red Labour (RL)

Socialist Appeal (SA)

Welsh Labour Grassroots (WLG)

Thank you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Northern England Labour Left (NELL)?

NELL is about action. It is about doing something positive at a time when many Left activists are feeling demoralised and traumatised by the changes wrought by a bruising General Election, a new Leadership and other recent Party structural changes. Instead of leaving the Party NELL aims to give people hope and a positive vision for the future of Socialist politics in the North, as well as the skills and knowledge to be candidates, or to support them, for elected positions.

How is NELL different from Momentum, LLA, CLPD, CLGA, Don’t Leave,Organise etc.?

You can be members of NELL and members of Momentum etc. NELL is complementary and will work closely with these other organisations to ensure we are united in backing Left Socialist candidates for elected positions in the Labour Party and public office.

NELL is not a political talking shop. Our members actively work towards electing Left Socialist candidates for positions of power and influence at all levels across the Northern Region.

What part do members play in NELL’s democratic and organisational structures?

All full members can raise motions and vote at regular ordinary meetings and the annual general meeting. All members are involved in important decisions affecting how NELL operates, including electing NELL officers. All votes are One Member One Vote.

Operationally there is a Membership Services Group of volunteers who manage all aspects of membership, training and internal member communications, plus a separate Communications and Social Media Group responsible for external communications.

There is also an Organising Group which coordinates election support, affiliations, regional NELL groups and diversity and equality networks, as well as relationships with Labour affiliated unions and socialist societies. 

A Coordination and Support Team includes the four elected officers i.e. two Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer and a Membership Secretary, plus other members as required for administration and support.

The Strategy Implementation Group, consists of representatives from all of the above operational groups. This group is at least 50% women and includes at least one each of BAME, LGBT+, Young member and Disabled Members representatives.

Why do I need a proposer and seconder on the application form?

Ensuring that members share our Aims, Values and Political Priorities and are willing to be active, is crucial to building NELL. We also want our members to know they belong to a trusted network of comrades who will not share confidential, strategic information outside the group. We ask for two ‘referees’ to ensure that people joining NELL meet these criteria, understand what we are about and are willing to engage and actively support the activities of NELL.

Why do I need to pay membership subscription fees and what will the money be spent on?

NELL has no staff and is entirely run by a number of hard-working volunteers. We have to support a Membership system and other IT for website, finance etc. but the bulk of our income will be spent on organising training, mentoring and political events and supporting working class Socialist candidates and under-represented groups to get elected. We also aim to support NELL members in attending Regional Conference if CLPs are unable or unwilling to help.

No one who wants to join NELL should be deterred by membership subscription costs. Please select the most affordable option for your personal circumstances.

There are four levels of NELL membership subscription available:

FREE for Young Members (under 27) and those under financial stress

CONCESSION rate of £1 a month or £12 per year for unwaged or low-income

BASIC rate of £3 a month or £36 a year for waged over 27, who can afford to pay this higher rate

SOLIDARITY rate starting from £4 a month or £48 a year up to as much as a member is willing and able to pay.

Can I be a supporter without joining NELL?

We are looking at introducing a Supporter category for those people who need time to consider if NELL is right for them, or for those who would otherwise be eligible but live outside the Labour North Region.

We hope to have this set up very soon so watch this space.

Does NELL have equalities and diversity groups? 

Yes, when you are a signed up member if you wish we will put you in touch with other members in the NELL Women, NELL Disabled Members, NELL LGBT+, NELL BAME and NELL Young Members groups in accordance with groups you identify with.

How does my Left/Socialist group affiliate to NELL?

Within the Organising Group there is a small sub-group of volunteers with responsibility to liaise with other Left groups across the North. If you email and provide contact details we will get back to you as soon as possible.